Moulin à Vent "Champ de Cour"


1.65 hectares of vines located on the southern part of the appellation. This plot is protected from the prevailing northerly wind by the Moulin-à-Vent hill, and it faces due south, ensuring better maturity.
This 1.5-meter-deep soil comprises a wonderful diversity of granite from the top of the plot which is shaped like an amphitheater extending from Fleurie to Chenas. The yellow granite of Fleurie, the pink granite and quartz from Moulin-à-Vent, and the blue granite or feldspar from Chenas all bring different facets to the wine

This plot is usually harvested first because it produces rich and ripe grapes. Deeper soil ensures better hydration, which means better ripening during the summer and avoids blockages in the ripening process that can be triggered by a lack of water.
Harvesting is done by hand with between 40-50% left in whole bunches. The must is left to ferment in open vats for three weeks followed by gentle extraction. Ageing is carried out in oak barrels that have seen between one and three wines for 18 months or more, if the vintage allows.
Gamay : 100%