Moulin à Vent "Les Rouchaux"


The wine
his deeper soil and the clay keep humidity in the soil who allow the wine to have more sap circulation inside the plant. We don’t have any hydric stress, who offer always more maturity and a better roundness and softness. The tannins are always softer and the wine is still more approachable than the other cuvées.
The vintage
This cuvée was product in 2416 bottles for the vintage 2016.
65 years old vine.
This terroir situate in the bottom of the hill is the deeper soil from the domaine with about 2 meters soils, with some sand, clay and silt. The Granite is blue and rich in manganese.

The vines are 65 years old on average and planted on a soil of limestone, clay and blue granite.
The harvest is manual with 30% whole clusters
Aged in oak casks.
Gamay : 100%